My fascination with hair reaches out as far as I can remember. Let it be short and immaculately blowdryed or long and naturally flowing, it was something that intrigued me even as a kid. That was the time when I learned that you can’t wrap it into a ponytail, cut it and expect a straight line. The time of dying my own hair at home, wanting to have it curly (as it’s naturally straight that was quite a mission) and absolutely loathing having it cut by almost anyone.

As time went on my curiosity took over. Examining hair of my schoolmates, admiring it, playing with it finally led to me and my best friend in her bathroom, me styling, cutting, dying it, using extensions, playing tricks and not sleeping the night before we were going to do something new. Of course not always everything went smoothly and there were times when she ended up with a bright yellow hue or the extensions tangled up into a birds nest.

Following high school I decided to pursue a career in linguistics; after 3 years at university I took a turn and began investing more time into studying hairstyling – I started working at a high-end salon as an assistant, continued with freelancing and later working at another reputable salon in the city centre, all of it in Slovenia’s capital – Ljubljana.

Joining my interest in languages and studying culture with ongoing curiosity in the hairstyling field I moved to the Canary Islands and made my current base – the lovely island of Lanzarote – the new centre of my exploration.